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                型號含義 Model implication

                適用範圍 Applications
                1. 廣泛用█於石油開采、煉油、化工、軍工等危險環境及海洋石油平△臺、油輪等場所作普通照明和作業照明之用;
                2. 適用於節能改造項目及檢修更←換困難的場所;
                3. 適用於防護◣要求較高、潮濕的場所;
                4. 適用於¤爆炸性氣體環境的1區、2區場所;
                5. 適用於ⅡA、ⅡB、ⅡC類爆炸性氣體環境;
                6. 適用於T1-T6組溫度組別董海濤也大聲喊道。
                1. It is widely used in dangerous locations such as oil exploitation, petroleum refining industry, chemical industry, war industry, etc., as well as offshore oil platform, oil tanker and other places for general lighting and task lighting;
                2. It is applicable for energy-saving reform projects and locations where are difficult to overhaul or replace;
                3. It is applicable for damp locations where have high protection requirements;
                4. It is applicable for zone 1 and zone 2 in explosive gas atmosphere;
                5. It is applicable for explosive gas atmosphere CAT. IIA, IIB and IIC;
                6. It is applicable for temperature groups T1-T6.
                產品特點 Features

                產品規格 Product specifications

                節能對比 Energy saving comparison

                主要技術參※數 Main technical parameters

                外形及安裝尺寸 Outlines & installation dimensions

                訂貨須知 Order note
                註:1、按照產品型號說明逐條選擇▼並註明防爆標誌;例如:需要40W、220V,吊桿式,配接線盒,氣體防爆,則產品〗選型為:DED57-40gH ExdIICT6 Gb;
                Note: 1. Select according to the product model description, pay attention to marking out the ex-mark; e.g.: Need product of 40W, 220V, pendant type, with junction box,gas explosion-proof, then the model should be DED57-40gH ExdIICT6 Gb;
                2. Please give clear indication of it if need IIC junction box.
                3. The lighting will be delivered without cables, please give clear indication of it if need cables.
                4. Please give clear indication of it if need special voltage class, available voltage class: AC/DC36V/24V.
                5. Please give clear indication of it if need other emergency time.