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                添加時間:2014/3/8 13:35:51  熱度:1323℃

                型號含義  Model implication

                適用範圍  Application
                1、Hazardous:division l&2 or zone 20、21、22;
                2、Explosive gas atmosphere:class ⅡA,ⅡB,ⅡC or flammable dust atmospherers;
                3、Indoor or outdoor(IP54,IP65**).
                產品特點  Features
                1、The enclosure is moulded with steel plate or stainless steel,the transparent part is made of toughened glass;
                2、Patent centre locking structure,it is quick to open the cover,and convenient to replace lamp tube;
                3、Sealing structure and with perfect water,dust and serious corrosion proof functions;
                4、Built-in explosion-proof electronic ballast is specially made by our company,it's with short circuit,open circuit protection functions,the standby circuit is used for avoiding the aging or blow phenomena,the high energy saving r:COSq~≥0.99. Wide voltage input,It can keep  constant power output within 170~250V.
                5、Fitted normal double-tin T8 lamp tube(with electronic ballast)or single-tin lamp tube;
                6、It can be fitted with emergency device on request,the illumination can convert to emergency lighting state when the power is failure;
                7、Wiring with cable or steel tube(Please note when wiring with steel tube).
                主●要技術參數  Main technical parameters

                *帶應急時參ξ數Parameter with emergency
                **特殊場所可達IP65。It can reah to Ip65 for the special spot.
                外形及應該就我們兩個了安裝舉例 Outline and mounting example

                 下一個:DCP 系列防爆平◢臺燈(ⅡB、ⅡC、e)
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